December 7th, 2011


25 Days of Christmas Music - Day 6 (late)

Oops forgot to do this yesterday....

Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting - “Baby, its Cold Outside”
I have always wanted to perform this song with someone. Sure, I could never sing it as well as this, but it just seems like a fun song to perform – with some old fashioned dance moves to go with it.
I would love that.


25 Days of Christmas Music - Day 7

Blackalicious – “Toy Jackpot”
This is one of those rare modern Christmas songs I like. Target released a whole album of Christmas songs that correlated with their commercials last year. The commercial for this song (see commercial) was really cool on its own, but this song just made it perfect. It was stuck in my head so much last year that I finally caved and put it on the Christmas playlist.