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09 August 2011 @ 11:37 pm
So it’s been 4 months since my last book purchase post… guess it’s about time I finally blabber about all the new ones I’ve received since then. I’m astonished this year by my ability to only buy the necessities. Last time we talked books I had only bought 13 in the first 4 months of the year. This time I’ve only bought 10! To say this is a major improvement in comparison to my book splurging in 2010 would be an understatement.

Anyway, here are the books I’ve bought in the past 4 months: Blood Magic (Blood Journals, Book 1) by Tessa Gratton, Impossible by Nancy Werlin, Before, After, and Somebody in Between by Jeannine Garsee, Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers, Fins are Forever (Fins, Book 2) by Tera Lynn Childs, Passion (Fallen, Book 3) by Lauren Kate, Rampant (Killer Unicorns, Book 1) by Diana Peterfreund, Forever (Wolves at Mercy Falls, Book 3) by Maggie Stiefvater, Retribution (Dark-Hunter, Book 20) by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Of those books, I’ve already read Blood Magic, Cracked Up to Be, Fins are Forever, Passion, Forever, and Retribution -- all of which were pretty darn great, if not fantastic. I’m currently reading Rampant and it totally rocks already! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of commenting on finished books over on my Goodreads page. If you’re interested in reading any of those “reviews” click HERE. Feel free to add me too if you’re on Goodreads.

Oh, I also downloaded Dream Dark: A Beautiful Creatures Story by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl which I plan to read next. Guess that technically counts, even though I can’t show you a picture of owning it (being digital and all). The cover was really pretty though, see:

All of the remaining books I must have for the rest of the year have already been pre-ordered, but I’ll wait until they all arrive and do the last book post of the year in December. What books have you guys purchased in the last 4 months or read for that matter?

Peace – Sarah

Current Music: The Burning Hotels – “My New Romance”
Heather: Wax Lionsedgyauthor on August 28th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
So many books! Love seeing them stacked like that... :)

I think we've switched roles, since *I'm* the one who's now book-splurging all over the place, haha.

I really hope you enjoy Before, After, and Somebody In Between. I read that book in one sitting, and even cried during it. Needless to say, I think the book is amazing, so it'd suck to see you let down by it!
swhistedswhisted on September 4th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
I knew your books splurging would happen once you got that card... it happens to everyone in some form. It will die out, I'm sure of it.

I doubt I'll be let down by Before, After, and Somebody In Between... your suggests rarely let me down! :)
(Deleted comment)
swhistedswhisted on September 4th, 2011 09:20 pm (UTC)
I actually haven't read Impossible yet, but it looked good and was super cheap so I went ahead and got it. I did read Rampant though and OMG it was spectacular. I can't wait to read its sequel. The unicorns are crazy cool, but the girls are the real bad asses which is just good fun!

And you should definitely get on board to checking out Sherrilyn Kenyon... Heather finally did and 4 books later she wasn't let down. ;)