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28 July 2013 @ 01:47 pm
Music Friday: July  
It just occurred to me that this past Friday was in fact the last Friday of the month and I completely forgot about my Music Friday post. I've been really bad at blogging this month. Sorry about that. Anyway, I know it's not on the right day, but the music is worth being listened to on any day of the week so better late than never, right?

There was a lot to be excited about this month where music's concerned. I got singles and new releases from bands I already knew I loved and also discovered some new artists to fangirl about.

O'Brother - "Context"

You guys already know how much I love O'Brother, I posted about them plenty in 2012. But they announced a new album coming out in August and with it this single. If it's a signal of what's to come, I am positive this album will be as good, if not better than their previous one. It has all the feels of fall for me and makes it almost seem close despite the oppressive heat. I can't wait for 8/20!

78Violet - "Hothouse"

I've been an Aly & AJ fan for years. And it has been years since they released something new. If I'm honest, I wasn't sure they ever would because it'd just been so long. But there's a new album coming soon and this month they released the first single. While the girls voices have obviously matured, they're still maintaining that pop-alternative sound I fell in-love with on Into the Rush. I'm so, so excited for more.

*This video is quite beautiful, but there's a very long monologue in the beginning. Fast forward to 3:30 to hear the song itself.

Bring Me The Horizon - "The House of Wolves"

I could have sworn I'd checked out this band before and didn't like them, but when Mindy White of States posted "Can You Feel My Heart" as a song on her summer playlist, I was intrigued to check out more. I don't know if it's just this latest album, but I'm really digging it.

Karnivool - "We Are"

Even if this song wasn't great (but I assure you, it is), this video is a perfect example of what I love about proper music videos. I have a great respect for bands who still put a lot of effort into these mini movies. I know that video's don't really have a great platform to present themselves anymore, with channels like MTV never actually playing music anymore, but I miss the old days when we used to live for the music video. When I saw this one, I was captivated and even more amazed when I reached it's end and hadn't seen it coming. I'm waiting for the album this song comes from to release in August with great expectations.

Other songs worth checking out:

Kings of Leon - "Supersoaker"
letlive. - "The Priest and Used Cars"

Dance Gavin Dance - "The Robot with Human Hair Pt. IV"
Vampire Weekend - "Everlasting Arms"

What were you listening to in July? Anything I need to hear? Feel free to share!
Current Music: Falling in Reverse - "Raised by Wolves"
Heatheredgyauthor on August 2nd, 2013 06:25 am (UTC)
I've been bad about blogging lately, too, and I have no idea why, since there are so many things I've wanted to post about, but just never got around to...

Glad to see you had so much awesome new music to love in July! I'm still listening to a bunch of random old favorites...
swhistedswhisted on August 3rd, 2013 02:44 pm (UTC)
I remember being like that in April - all these ideas for posts and just never getting around to them for some reason. Hopefully blogging will pick up for both of us as fall draws closer! :)

I spent my week listening to old favorites, too. Partially because I couldn't update my iPod's without my PC and partially because the mood just called for it. :)